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My Birth
               Teacher's Day   , clock was pointing at 12:20 in day time...
                For many that was a quite obvious day like other day, but with a little difference ,with some nice cloudy weather in the sky with smooth sunshine with breeze..and that's it...God sent me on this Earth...in a Literate-Farmer Family Being the First Child of my generation.

Early Life
              Yes, Being part of Farmer family i too spend my childhood with my beautiful agricultural land till I was 4 but being all family members graduate ,thus not an active participation in Farming. But I still remember those crops ,those trees and plants I talked with , that Farm's Cottage I used to spend time, sometime , that Beautiful Sunset from a small mount near my farm ,that river flowing just 3 minutes away from my Land.

Education Begins..
              What else can be great than having your first teacher in your home as well. My Aunt who was the Primary school teacher for my village has taught me the initials of my education i.e. first step.
And moreover when coming to home ,spend 2 more hour at evening studding the same ,while she used to teach other nearby Childs at home.
Now I came to Indore
                                      Around 1992 my family moved to Indore while all other relatives  at village itself.
Time Goes on
                        Started studying from Class 1st in Indore and by year 2000 finished the class 8th and moved to Gujrati Hr.Sec for class 9th.
    Not spend much time there and moved to New Daily Hr. Sec in 2001 from 10th Class onwards.
finished 12th in 2004 ,and start studying for  Engineering Entrance and Joined the Collage in 2006 taking my passion toward Electronics and Technology via taking computer science as stream and completed Engineering in 2010.

Now It's time to Earn
                            Joined Accenture in 2010 at Bangalore but after 2 months shifted to Gurgaon in a Project.In 2012 Mid i was assign some other project and Moved to Pune in July 2012 and Currently Working there itself.

## Above are just some major points keeping in mind about "my own privacy" factors and so many other facts ,thus details provided here are not as deep what my life has been.
                                                               ..............Spend some time with me and know me what you want to know....